ceramic beads

If you are an artist - craftsmen creating handmade beads in ceramics, glass, metal or polymer and you wish to have them displayed in the Silverhawk Online Bead Collection you may send a minimum of 3 representative beads by regular mail to

Silverhawk Bead Collection
HC78  Box 9526
Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557

Your beads when accepted will become part of the collection and you will be given credit for your contribution. A mailing address will be provided on the web page so that interested parties will be able to contact you.
You will be more than compensated for the value of your beads by the future years of exposure in the collection. You may also add your inclusion to your resume.

The Silverhawk Bead Collection web site presents only a fraction of the thousands of items collected over thirty years. Not only is this a collection of some of the wonderful creations of skilled and creative artist-crafts men and women, it is also a historical presentation of the development of contemporary bead making.

For additional information call Tyler Hannigan at (575) 751-7604
porcelain I'm a former ceramic bead and jewelry maker myself.
( ).

As time permits more items will be added with "priority" to artist contributions.



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ceramic beads
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